TENA Men Protective Underwear (Level 4)

$20.50 $16.45

Size: M/L 95-125cm (x10s)
Level 4 Protection provides you with extra security for sports or other intense activities during long-term day and night wear.


The first pant-type protection, specifically designed to look and feel like everyday’s men underwear. It neutralizes potential odour and has a reinforced front zone for long lasting absorbency, maximum confidence and security.  Suitable for males with medium to heavy bladder weakness.

Features and Benefits
– Specifically shaped to fit the male anatomy
– Comfort feeling like truly underwear
– Cotton like material
– Unique odour control system neutralizes potential odours for complete confidence
– Breathable product allowing your skin to breathe naturally and avoid sweating

Available in 1 size: M/L = Hip size 95-125cm

Packaging: 10 pcs/bag


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