TENA Fix premium



TENA Fix Premium is washable stretch pants to be used together with insert pad i.e., light incontinence pad, eg. TENA Lady or TENA Men or incontinence insert pad, eg. TENA Comfort Extra.

Feature & Benefit

  • TENA Ficensures stable and secure fixation of insert pad for wearer.
  • Designed with no side seams so there are no pressure points. this ensures wearer’s comfort and avoid skin chaffing and irritation.
  • A space at the back of the waistband allows labelling of wearer’s name and ward number for ease od identification.
  • Washability of up to 50 times.
Size Hip size
S 50+60cm
M 70-90cm
L 85-110cm
XL 95-125cm
XXL 110-140cm

Additional information

Attribute Information
Weight kg
Sizes & Bulk

Tena Fix Premium Extra Large (95-125cm)(5s x 20bags), Tena Fix Premium Large (85-110cm)(5s x 20bags), Tena Fix Premium Medium (70-90cm)(5s x 20bags)


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