Easy Guides For Incontinence Products

It is not only kind of confusing for a user or caregiver to know which incontinent product fits best, even for someone in the trade like myself find it difficult to explain to a new user or customer.  Each time when I am asked, I would have to dip into or find out more about the user, such as how long he or she has been having this leakage issue?  What product he or she had tried?  What’s his or her own experience or preference etc.

Lately, I was asked the same question again by a young caregiver to give her recommendations on what should fit best for her dad who recently suffered a stroke.  As I have done many times, I walked her from one product type to another, explaining to her the differences and asking her many questions.  I hereby would like to share couple of those charts that I used to explain and I hope they are useful to people who need to know…

The chart below provides brief explanation of the product options:
Incontinence Protection Level Guide 01

Below two charts explain the product options for different level of incontinence:
Incontinence Protection Level Guide 02a

Incontinence Protection Level Guide 02b

Of course one can find out a lot more information and details on different product options, and on what best fits the user in our resource pages or simply do some searches in the internet.

Hope all these help!!


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